Part 1

The Coming Of The "Spirit Of Truth" & "Elijah"

(John 16:13-15; Malachi 4:5, 6)

The Y.O.R.W.W. Congregation advocates one astounding, astonishing idea, seemingly unthinkable idea, that many when they first hear it, simply just can’t believe, namely: The “Spirit of Truth” will prove to be a human prophet and coming leader, for the nation of Israel. Yes, we believe actual fulfillment of bible prophecy will show this ONE AMAZING THING ABOUT JEHOVAH'S HIDDEN PURPOSES, that we Jehovah's Witnesses, formerly didn't know

anything about. This thought that the "The Spirit of Truth" will prove

to be a person, a human being, in our modern times.

This is an amazing assertion indeed...we realize!

Actually, most Jehovah's Witnesses remember all too well, in field service, talking to those of the Pentecostal faiths wherein they often suggested this UNTHINKABLE idea that the "Holy Spirit" was to be viewed as a person -- the third person in the trinity doctrine. I believe, as I understand their views, they began to think this because of the many "personifications" shall we say, of the holy spirit, as it is portrayed within the bible. Most bible students are quite familiar with the many "personifications" of the holy spirit mentioned in the book of Acts, for instance. They are many.

And of course, like every Jehovah's Witness would normally do, yes, they completely dismissed the notion that any such thing could be even remotely possible. This is especially true, since Jehovah's Witnesses normally, as a group, greatly detest anything, that in any way, challenges Jehovah God's Universal Uniqueness, as the trinity doctrine uniquely does. Thus, for some religion then to make the "holy spirit" a person for whatever reasons, then at that time, seemed to be quite simply blasphemous to God.

Thus, it would certainly be blasphemy for a true servant of God, to even entertain the thought that this so-called "third-person" of the trinity, whoever he was, to intimate that he was in anyway equal to (a) Jehovah God or (b) Jesus Christ, as purported by some trinitarians and theologians who teach this non-sensical idea -- something that is still today, totally blasphemous for one to even think!

But let's ponder this: What if there really was such a thing as a "personification" of the holy spirit, for our day time? Wouldn't this explain why, so much was written about the holy spirit being "personified" in the book of John, describing it with pronouns as "he" and "him," as well as numerous "personifications" of the holy spirit shown in the book of Acts? And yet, what if such "personifications" pointed forward to our day and time, and proved to be someone else, someone much lesser, a mere man, that God Almighty purposes to use in an extraordinary way before His "Great and Fear-Inspiring" Day of Judgment? What then?

Well then, that might be something we might possibly entertain, as a

possibility, for our bible research, a thought worthy of our time for

meditation and deep pondering.

-- 2 Timothy 4:15, 16

If such were true, obviously, it would prove to be a great epiphany, among bible scholars of our times. It would have to be considered a "sacred secret" held within the hands of Almighty God. And along with that thought, the next question we would obviously want to know is, what purpose did God have in mind for the person? Also, a few may reason, why didn't Jehovah Himself reveal such a thing and make this new idea plainer in scripture, more obvious? Why did not Almighty God make this mystery person, more pronounced within the scriptures, so that mankind in general could EXPECT the coming of such a person, and would not be in total surprise and shock when it presumably would happen? That's, of course, if all of this is true and this situation is a reality. It would seem that such a situation would put the "world" in a precarious situation, where they, would not favorably "receive" this one, or would not "behold" or "know" of the coming of such a person, as suggested by the words of Jesus at John 14:17. Isn't that true?

Actually, the answer the YORWW Congregation would give to such a question is, perhaps, it was intended to be that way. It was God's Will for this teaching, to remain a sacred secret, until the "mystery of God" would be revealed, in the time of the end. -- Revelation 10:7

The Modern Day "Servant" Prophecy -- Isaiah 42:1-9


Well, to start off our discussion, and to address such like questions on the topic of the holy spirit, let's first consider Isaiah 42:1-9. Now after reading, please pay close attention to verse 9. You first need to read it in the New World Translation, but you will also need to compare this rendering with a number of other translations besides the New World Translation to gain the full scope of this most important verse. This is because the Watchtower Society translating committee, as done quite often, has deliberately INSERTED a word in verse 9 that does not belong there, and which changes the thought completely from its original meaning.

Isaiah 42:9 says,

"The first things -- here they have come, but new things I am telling out. Before they begin to spring up, I cause you PEOPLE to hear them." -- New World Translation

As you may be aware, Verses 1-9 of the 42nd chapter of Isaiah are said to be part of the well-known "Servant Prophecies", among Bible scholars of our time. This means, bible scholars then, all understand this verse to be referring to a person, and not a group of people, like the nation of Israel. Thus, the word we highlighted above was "people," in this verse. If you will investigate for yourself, and check in different bible translations, you will see that other bible translations do not include such a word as "people" here, as does the New World Translation that Jehovah's Witnesses use today. In other words, other bibles render this particular sentence as saying:

              "...Before they begin to spring up, I cause YOU to hear them."

"You," as in one person...the "Servant" himself. The one person that God is directly talking to.

Therefore, this would mean, the "Servant" of verses 1-9 is actually shown the future by God, as an individual. God shows him things 'before they begin to spring up," or happen. God shows him the future, singularly. To be sure, this is a very important point to make, at this juncture of our discussion.

So then, the use of the word "people" then would not be a part of the original inspired thought here. No, but it is an inserted thought, by the 
Watchtower Society New World Translating Committee, but not recognized by bible scholars of our time. Therefore, to insert the word "people" here, would seem to indicate that the "people" of Israel in general, in this instance, would be the one that God causes to "hear" things "BEFORE THEY SPRING UP." But this is not the case at all. No, but it is only, one man -- The "Servant" of God.

n checking other translations, an excellent rendering of this verse would be taken from the New Living Translation which conveys the thought of verse 9 this way,

"Everything I prophesied has come true, and now I will prophesy again. I will tell you the future before it happens."

So this is really about, God revealing the future to the "Servant". And the context indicates the "Servant" of God, is an individual, a singular person, and not a group of people like the nation of Israel, that God is showing the future.

***Recently the Watchtower Society released a 2013 New World Translation to its membership. In this particular version an adjustment has been made to remove the word "people" from that particular verse, making it a more accurate rendering of that verse.***

See link to newer version here, of 
Isaiah 42:9


Given this new development, if one were to refer to John 16:13 and notice there Jesus said, the "Spirit of Truth" would "guide" all people into "all truth," and then, "declare to you the things coming," as in telling people the future ... then this chosen one, who "declares" to us the future, then must be one and the same with the one the bible calls the "Servant" in Isaiah 42:9. Yes, he must be the Modern Day "Servant" of our time, since Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe Jesus is coming back in the flesh [as a man] to lead mankind on earth, in our modern day times. He must be the same one mentioned in Zechariah 8:23 also. Indeed, this one known as the "Spirit of the Truth," must also be the one shown in Isaiah 42:1-9...to be the Modern Day "Servant" ... the one who is given the *** "gift" of prophecy, through inspiration from God Almighty. Let's learn more about that topic now.


Gifts of the Spirit

*** For more information see article on the topic of modern day "Gift of Inspiration": Godly Inspiration -- Can We Identify It Today?

And, also this article on the topic of modern day "Gift of Inspiration": 
When "That Which Is Complete Arrives" -- 1 Corinthians 13:10

 Identifying the modern-day Messiah & Chieftain

Now, back to the "Spirit of Truth." By way of comparison, let's examine John 16:13 which shows the primary activity of "The Spirit Of Truth" which says,

"However, when that one arrives, the spirit of the truth, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things coming."

We notice by way of comparison, "The Spirit of Truth" actually does the same thing for God's People in bringing them to a knowledge of truth by being a "guide" for them. It says, "he", the "Spirit of Truth", does not "speak of his own impulse" because he has learned these things from God Himself. And "he" only "speaks what he hears" from God Almighty. Yes, he "speaks" and he "hears" things from God. A personification of the spirit.

Text Box: Then too, "he" the "Spirit of Truth," is said to "guide" 
God's people into "all truth," ... that's ALL truth.

That would mean, he "guides" the disciples into a full and complete understanding of God's Word of Truth. This we know, has not happened as of yet. In fact, if the "Spirit of Truth" were to do this, then it would include a complete explanation of the parables of Jesus, and the book of Revelation. We know, the parables of Jesus was something that even the apostles of the first century were not privileged to explain for our benefit. The parables of Jesus Christ, still remain a mystery to God's people, in many cases.

In addition, his ability to "guide into all truth" the disciples, is something that we know, also has not happened as of yet. Therefore, God's Servants await such a time when this will become a reality. In other words, it is a future event, when all God's Servants can truthfully say, they have been truly "guided into ALL truth." This is also a future event.

Then too the bible account mentions, the "Spirit of Truth" also will "declare to you the things coming." Yes, "declaring the things coming", then means declaring the future. He is able to "declare the things coming" to God's people because God has prepared him, personally.

And as we remember above, isn't this exactly what we read in Isaiah 42:9 of the "Servant" prophecy also?

"The Spirit of Truth" declares the things coming. And similarly the "Servant" is told "things before they spring up," by God Himself. To have knowledge of the "future", to know "things before they spring up," we'd have to agree, is a activity that only God can sponsor.

Therefore, the "Servant" prophecy as shown in Isaiah 42:9 and the contents of John 16:13 showing "The Spirit of Truth" also knowing the "things coming", raise interesting possibilities in our understanding of how God's People will in the last days, come to a COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING of God's Word.

End of Part 1

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