Can You Count To Two (2)???

Part 1

Two Birds,

Two Goats,

Two Lambs,

God’s “Sacred Secret” Revealed In The “Scapegoat” Covenant

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Can Your Religion Correctly

Explain The “Scapegoat”???

- Leviticus 16:10

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Text Box: (A Close Analysis of Leviticus 16:10) Part 1

In the most magnificent way, Jehovah accomplishes all things thru the precious blood of Jesus Christ. This is especially true of the mysterious "Scapegoat" Sacrifice that Jehovah has prepared for modern day "Israel" of our time, to cleanse them of heinous sin. Therefore, as we consider this written material, let's keep uppermost in mind that our discovery of these unthinkable, "incomprehensible" thoughts, and "peering" into this matter is only by the Divine Permission of Jehovah God Himself -- this "peering" into matters that even angels wish to do, yes this very, very deep matter of the Sacred Secret of the "Scapegoat" Covenant. This unknown covenant is something that has been hidden from mankind and even angels in heaven for untold centuries … millenniums even. Thus, it becomes the Greatest of All "Sacred Secrets" from God Almighty Himself, withheld from mankind itself since mankind's creation. -- Ephesians 3:9; James 1:25; 1 Peter 1:12

Yes, a "Sacred Secret" so great, so powerful, that when fully understood and comprehended by mankind in general, it will completely revolutionize the way mankind thinks of Genesis 3:15 and what God intended originally, in the Garden of Eden when he uttered this most important prophecy and its outworking for our day and time. Let us read on to see why we say this is so.


Jeremiah 33:3 says for our benefit:

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Did you know, one of the most amazing verses in the bible which speaks of "great," and "incomprehensible things" that mankind has NOT known of before, all hidden within the Holy Scriptures themselves for thousands of years, millenniums, can be found below at Leviticus 16:10. Yes, this verse plainly says:

"But the goat over which the lot came up for Azazel should be stood alive before Jehovah TO MAKE ATONEMENT FOR IT, so as to send it away for Azazel into the wilderness." -- Leviticus 16:10 New World Translation

Of course we speak of the
"Scapegoat," (which is named such in a number of bibles like the popular King James Version, New International Version, as well as the Septuagint Version of the bible), or as some translations refer to this "goat," yes, as the "living goat" that proves to be the 2nd goat in the scenario of the Day of Atonement procedure. Maybe, you personally remember reading about this, when reading the 16th chapter of Leviticus. If so, you no doubt recall reading about this 2nd "goat," the “live goat” that is surprisingly, "ATONED FOR" before … yes, before it is used by Jehovah God in a special sacrificial sense. Indeed, a careful analysis of this verse, namely Leviticus 16:10, shows us the 2nd goat is actually "ATONED FOR" before it is to be used in a "sacrificial sense" for God. All of this means, this “goat,” could not picture Jesus Christ, in any way shape or form. No, it must picture someone else, besides Jesus Christ.


Indeed, the 2nd goat that is ultimately "sent into the wilderness" to "atone" for the nation’s sins, is itself first, "atoned for" before being "presented" to Jehovah for sacrificial use. (Lev. 16:10, 20) Thus, when it is "presented" to Jehovah, it has been cleansed in God's eyes, made holy and prepared BY MEANS OF the 1st goat, which obviously pictures Jesus Christ. Thus, we can say with absolute certainty then, Jesus Christ must picture the 1st sacrificial goat, and to date, an unknown imperfect human should logically picture the 2nd goat...the one we call the Scapegoat of God. Therefore, based upon the foregoing, it would be the height of foolishness to say or teach Jesus Christ pictures both the 1st goat, and the 2nd goat, as the Watchtower Society, and all other so-called “Christian” religions currently teach world wide. Yes, since we all know, Jesus had no "sins" to be "atoned for" at all. He was a perfect man. No doubt, this is a point that has escaped the notice of many bible scholars earth wide, including the Watchtower Society. -- See John 8:46; Hebrews 7:26.

For example, take this comment from the Watchtower Society’s release, Insight on the Scriptures Volume 1 page 225 under the heading of “Azazel,” third paragraph. It states in part:


“...However, the goat for Azazel was preserved alive for a time ‘before Jehovah to make atonement for it, so as to send it away for Azazel into the wilderness.’ (Le 16:5, 7-10 New World Translation) Atonement for this live goat issued from the blood of the goat for Jehovah, which had just been killed as a sin offering, the life of the flesh being in the blood. (Le 17:11) The blood value, or life value, of the slain goat was thus transferred to the live goat, or the goat for Azazel. Thus, though it was not killed by the priest, this live goat bore upon it a sin-atoning merit or a value of life. The fact that it was presented before Jehovah evidently indicates that he recognized this transfer of merit or sin-atoning power.”


Now what do you think of this small bit of information presented above?


Well, the most obvious question that one could ask here is:


...If Jesus pictures both “goats” then in this prophetic drama, as all Christian religions believe including the Watchtower Society and all Jehovah’s Witnesses, then why … oh why would there even be a need to TRANSFER … TRANSFER the “sin-atoning merit or a value of life” to the second goat??? In fact, there would be no need … no need to “TRANSFER” anything, since Jesus pictures both goats, isn’t that so???


Incredibly, this foolish statement on the Watchtower Society’s part came about because they had just quoted from their own translation in verse 10 saying the second goat had been atoned for.” Did you notice this? Which means this “atoning” occurred no doubt by way of God’s applying the “sin-atoning merit” of the “blood” from the first goat, invariably to the second “goat” or “live goat.” That was the God-inspired arrangement. However, when the Watchtower Society chose to speak of something, anything for that matter, yes being “transferred” in this case, it would not make good sense, indeed if the second goat also pictured Jesus Christ. No, it would NOT make good sense.


Therefore, when we think about this above stated viewpoint, isn’t this statement really like saying,


… Almighty God TRANSFERRED the “sin-atoning merit or value” of Jesus’ blood from the first goat [Jesus] … yes, to JESUS, the second goat??? Isn’t that so?


Yes, according to the Watchtower Society’s own words from their printed publications & bible translation, yes Jesus’ blood or the “merit” or “value” of it, was miraculously “transferred” FROM Jesus … oh my, to Jesus, since he, Jesus in addition to picturing the first “goat,” also amazingly pictured the second goat or “live goat” too. “Ridiculous!,” you say.


Yes, no doubt this is the kind of nonsensical statement on the part of the Watchtower Society which reminds many Jehovah’s Witnesses of equally foolish statements from staunch religionists of Christendom, who adamantly teach and believe Jesus is actually God. Oh my! Yes, when Jehovah’s Witnesses are out in “field service,” and they encounter these ones with this type of reasoning who shamelessly say such things like:


“… Jesus as Almighty God, when praying on earth, was actually PRAYING TO HIMSELF. [Our reaction was … “SAY WHAT”??? … And then they would continue…] Yes, Jesus prayed to himself, accordingly with Jesus also in heaven listening to his actual prayer being pronounced on earth, by Jesus. “Ridiculous” you say, right??? Well, it would be just as ridiculous to say that anything, that’s anything … was “TRANSFERRED” from the first goat to the second, if Jesus himself, pictured both goats.


Think about it!




So we see a correspondency in this instance, where the "live bird" is dipped into the "blood" of the first bird, which had been previously "killed" and its blood spilled before God. This first "bird" pictures Jesus Christ, willingly shedding his precious blood in a sacrificial sense, in behalf of the 2nd bird, the "living bird," who would in turn be later used in a sacrificial sense also, but much later, in behalf of a future nation of Israel of God's making. A modern-day "Israel" of God's making.


Also according to scripture, all of the nations "sins" and "revolts" are next, confessed and "put upon" the head of the scapegoat or E-scapegoat, or "live goat" which is then, to be used in a sacrificial sense for NATIONAL SIN, as a “living” sacrifice. Which means, the 2nd “goat” is now, sent off into the wilderness for sacrificial purposes for the entire nation of Israel. But, first we remember, the “live goat” must be cleansed from sin, yes, by means of the "1st goat," the one that was killed. Then the "live goat" can be viewed by God as a clean sacrifice and is now able to "carry off" the errors and transgressions of the entire nation, to the wilderness for God. (The fact that the “ready man” who released the 2nd goat came back himself “unclean,” proves the “sins” originally placed upon the head of the 2nd goat was NOT atoned for in the camp, as some religionists suggest.) -- See Leviticus 16: 21, 22, 26 NWT.



Therefore, in this instance, God gave us a preview of what he was about to accomplish using the precious blood of Jesus, upon an imperfect man, in a special sense, and making that man a human sacrifice to be used, at the appropriate time, at Jehovah God's discretion,
IN FULFILLMENT OF THE PROMISE THAT JEHOVAH MADE ORIGINALLY IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, AT GENESIS 3:15 (See in-depth article on this topic at: This unique promise of God proves that one day, He would use the imperfect "seed of the woman" [Eve], in the most astonishing, astounding way. Of course, when Jehovah said it, no one but Jesus actually knew how Jehovah would accomplish the "ransoming" of mankind from sin, USING an imperfect descendant of mankind, the "seed of the woman," the seed of "Eve." This baffled everyone, all the angels in heaven, including wicked Satan the Devil. No one knew how Jehovah would accomplish such a feat. So again, this "creative day" too, started with "evening" or darkness for all concerned, just as all of the other days too started with "evening" and later "morning." This is primarily the reason today, the Great "Mystery of God" still persists, even in the last days of our system of things. -- Genesis 2:23; Revelation 10:7

But from "times long-lasting," Jehovah had it "hidden within himself," exactly what He was going to do, to accomplish such an amazing feat, all to show to all of his creation, heavenly and earthly, that
"God is Wise ALONE...alone." (Romans 16:25-27; Ephesians 1:8-10; 3:9) In order to accomplish such a great feat for Himself, Jehovah decides to baffle everyone, heavenly or earthly, using this prophetic statement of Genesis 3:15, which would altogether, in the end times, show everyone that He is the ONLY ONE that is truly "wise." It would be the unique use of the precious "blood of Jesus" that would ultimately prove it, finally. (Romans 11:33; 16:27)

So then, what was challenged in the Garden of Eden, by the planned calculated wickedness of Satan the Devil to bring about sin and rebellion against Jehovah, was Jehovah's Great Wisdom or Foresight. Satan had challenged that established fact before all creation, heavenly or earthly.


Therefore to meet this Great Challenge, All-Wise Jehovah purposed to use the precious blood of Jesus upon an imperfect man, the "2nd goat," as it were, the "2nd bird" as it were, and bring about complete "justification" for that man, wherein the person would be rendered in God's sight as a "guiltless" one, or a man free from sin, just as Adam was. Jehovah could accomplish this thru the precious blood of Jesus. God would produce a "new creation," as it were. (2 Cor. 5:17) So, this person actually REPLACES ADAM God’s firstborn among mankind, not Jesus Christ, the firstborn of the heavens. (Psalms 45:16; 89:27; Colossians 1:15, 16) God would produce a person fully "justified" or "declared righteous" before us, as an anointed footstep follower of Jesus Christ, and thus a permanent member of the New Covenant that Jesus mediated. A permanent member of that Covenant and Law of Christ, wherein this person would be an eternal representative of Jesus Christ upon earth, forever and a eternal member of the "New Covenant" established by Jesus Christ, forevermore. Which means, as long as this person lives, the Covenant of Jesus, lives too, through this person upon earth. In this way, it becomes an eternal covenant...the "blood of an everlasting covenant" in itself, thru this imperfect man, that God decides to cleanse and use in this sacrificial capacity, as the Scapegoat. -- Hebrews 13:20

Jeremiah 33:3 says for our benefit:

"Call to me, and I shall answer you and readily tell you great and incomprehensible things that YOU HAVE NOT KNOWN."



Romans 5:18 speaks of the justification of the Scapegoat or "2nd goat", the "live goat" this way,

"So, then as through one trespass the result to men of all sorts was condemnation, likewise also through one act of justification the result to men of all sorts is a declaring of them righteous for life."

Therefore thru the blood of Jesus, this one person, the person used to become the "2nd goat," or the "2nd bird" would have been completely "declared righteous for life," and by means of the blood of Jesus then,
put on the same plateau of Adam, a perfect man free from sin. And in this way, this formerly imperfect man, could now be "declared righteous for life," before God. This would be the same as for all "anointed" ones of the first century, where Jesus himself described their situation as being ones who could be considered "guiltless ones." They are the ones that could be "declared guiltless by means of this one," Jesus Christ and his shed blood. -- Matthew 12:7; Acts 13:39

Text Box: "the priest must then give command; and he must take for cleansing himself two live clean birds and cedarwood and coccus scarlet material and hyssop. And the priest must give command, and the one bird must be killed in an earthenware vessel over running water. As for the living bird, he should take it and the cedarwood and the coccus scarlet material and the hyssop, and he must DIP THEM AND THE LIVING BIRD IN THE BLOOD OF THE BIRD THAT WAS KILLED over the running water. Then he must spatter it seven times upon the one cleansing himself from the leprosy and he must pronounce him clean, and he must SEND AWAY THE LIVING BIRD OVER THE OPEN FIELD." -- Lev. 14:4-7

Therefore based upon that understanding of things, we can better perceive the actual happenings and actual NEED for another "Covenant" arrangement for "Israel," having lost their original Contract or Covenant that Jesus mediated, because of the Great Sin committed by the nation, via the UNITED NATIONS NGO SECRET LIASON of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, committed in 1991...a National Sin which sinks the entire nation of Modern day "Israel", God's Name People, down in sin, treason and apostasy in God's eyes. A sin of treason and apostasy before Jehovah. -- See Lev. 4:3

However let the nation of Jamaica and even the whole earth be notified, that since their (Jehovah's Witnesses) recent fall in apostasy, as revealed by their secret alliance with the United Nations Organization as NGO supporters for ten (10) years (they applied in 1991 up thru 2001), indeed that most holy privilege of being exclusively considered Jehovah God's “Name People” on earth as modern-day Israel, has been STRIPPED FROM THE JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, and given to the people of Jamaica, those who will obediently bear the righteous "fruits" Jehovah ultimately seeks. (Matthew 21:43; John 4:23; See in-depth article on this topic at: also Please note, because of this unique situation, powerful bible prophecy clearly indicates the Jehovah's Witnesses as a people are headed for severe internal problems, problems of such magnitude and proportions, that many will officially leave this religious organization … an event bible prophecy calls the “Birth” of the “Male Child.” -- Please compare Isaiah 66:5-7 with Revelation 12:1-5. -- See in-depth article on this topic at:

We repeat, amazingly and to the shock of many around the world, bible prophecy actually indicates that awesome, grand privilege of becoming God's “Name People,” would fall upon the nation of Jamaica, numbering some 4 million plus, world wide. Indeed, the nation and people of Jamaica should now be properly recognized as "a People for God's Name," Modern Day "Israel" even,
with the elite number of the 144,000 being selected or chosen from among their number, for a very special purpose in the “last days,” or “end times.” Yes, these very special individuals (144,000) would bear the Name of God "upon their foreheads" as loyal servants of God, singing as if a "New Song" upon Mount Zion, a "Song" that ONLY they themselves could fully "master" or "learn fully," with the special help and assistance of the once "Hidden" or "Concealed" Son of Man, the Modern Day "Servant" of God. -- See Acts 15:14; Isaiah 49:2; Revelation 14:1-5.



As described in
Ezekiel 20:37, 38 after Israel is chased to the "wilderness" to have all of their "transgressors" and "revolters" as it were, "cleaned out from them", the prophet says of the nation's future,

"And I will make you pass under the rod and bring you into the bond of the covenant. And I will clean out from YOU the revolters and the transgressors against me, for out of the land of their alien residence I shall bring them forth, but onto the soil of Israel they will not come; and YOU people will have to know that I am Jehovah." -- Ezekiel 20:37, 38 New World Translation

The "
bond of the covenant", would show the NEED for another Covenantal Arrangement, for the nation of Israel, in God's eyes. And this would be because the nation needed to be "atoned for," by some special means, by means of a "2nd goat" to come on the earthly scene...yes God Almighty foreknew in His infinite wisdom and understanding this would be the case, and therefore made it a PUBLIC RECORD by placing it in the bible itself as a part of the Mosaic Law Procedure itself... in Leviticus 14th and 16th chapters.

Also Jeremiah foresaw this day when another "covenant", in fact one called "an indefinitely lasting covenant" between Israel and Jehovah, would come into existence. A new "indefinitely lasting covenant" for Israel of our times, then would be needed for modern-day "Israel" itself when he said:

"In those days and at that time, is the utterance of Jehovah, the sons of Israel, they and the sons of Judah together, will come. They will walk, weeping as they walk, and for Jehovah their God they will seek. To Zion they will keep asking the way, with their faces in that direction, saying Come and let us join ourselves to Jehovah in an indefinitely lasting covenant that will not be forgotten." -- Jeremiah 50:4, 5 NWT

After Israel should realize their "fall" into apostasy from God, and are severely disciplined by Jehovah God in these "last days," they as a nation, will see the need to "join themselves to Jehovah in an indefinitely lasting covenant," in our modern day times.

Then too, the prophet Ezekiel spoke of the same situation for our day,


Text Box:

"And I, I myself, will establish my covenant with you; and you will have to know that I am Jehovah, in order that you may remember and actually be ashamed and you may no more come to have any reason to open your mouth because of your humiliation, when I MAKE AN ATONEMENT FOR YOU for all that you have done, is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah."  -- Ezekiel 16:62, 63 New World Translation

Think about it!

End Of Part 1


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Can You Count To Two (2)???

For a “Printer Friendly” copy click on the PDF file to the right! -->

Jehovah's Witnesses recently distributed the October 1st, 2011 issue of the Watchtower magazine in your neighborhood.  Sooooo ... have you personally read this particular issue of the Watchtower magazine yet? Interestingly in it, the following specific criticism is made about other church organizations besides Jehovah's Witnesses, on page 9, paragraph 2:


"...Some churches discourage the idea of comparing their teachings with what the Bible says..."



One could wonder at this point, aren't Jehovah's Witnesses themselves NOTORIOUS for doing the very same thing? For example, if a Jehovah's Witness, using the bible, begins to question certain "pet" teachings or “hidden” practices of their religion (such as 1914 doctrine, 607 B.C.E. date for Jerusalem's destruction, United Nations NGO 10-year Secret Involvement, etc.), aren't such ones ultimately “marked," shunned, and even disfellowshiped under the charge of being an APOSTATE ... isn't this so??? -- For more information on these topics, see the book called The Report  Volume I, chapters 6 & 7.

Further, upon examination you will note this particular article even tells churchgoers of other religions:

"...You could also hold back from scrutinizing your beliefs out of fear that doing so would display a lack of faith. But does it make sense that God would be displeased with you for looking into the Bible, his message to mankind, to understand what he asks of you? On the contrary, his Word encourages you to examine the Scriptures personally, saying: "Prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God."-Romans 12:2." -- See the October 1st, 2011 Watchtower magazine page 9, paragraph 3.

After reading the above, this writer wonders if Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, are willing to do the same for their
own religious beliefs... Hmmmmmmmmm. What do you think? Well, let's see. Please examine the following information below.

A Serious Question For All Jehovah's Witnesses Earth Wide To Ponder, Addressed In This Essay:

If you are a bible study of Jehovah’s Witnesses or planning on getting baptized by them, or a workmate, schoolmate, neighbor, friend, relative or just a person of interest, why not ask any ... any Jehovah's Witness the following,

Why does the
New World Translation say the second goat [or "live goat"] of Leviticus 16:10 isATONED FOR,” especially when Jehovah's Witnesses teach it is suppose to picture Jesus Christ, a sinless man? Can they explain this to you??? -- See Insight On The Scriptures Volume 1,

page 226, paragraph 3.

Additionally, A Serious Question For All Bible Students Of All Religions World Wide To Ponder, Addressed In This Essay:

Why in
Leviticus 14:6, 51, is the “living bird” DIPPED IN THE BLOOD of the first [killed] bird, and what lesson do we think God has been trying to teach us with this illustration / procedure for over 3,600 years? -- See Leviticus 14:6, 51.

No doubt, this explains the continued nonsense of the Watchtower Society, when they said the following about who is actually pictured by the Scapegoat, when they state:


“As the apostle Paul explained, by Jesus’ offering of his own perfect human life as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind, he accomplished far more than had been achieved by ‘the blood of bulls and of goats.’ (Heb. 10:4, 11, 12) He thus served as “the scapegoat,” being the ‘carrier of our sicknesses,’ the one “pierced for our transgression.” (Isa. 53:4, Mt 8:17; 1 Pe 2:24) He ‘carried away’ the sins of all who exercise faith in the value of his sacrifice. He demonstrated the provision of God to take sinfulness into complete oblivion. In these ways the goat “for Azazel” [Az·a’zel] pictures the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.” -- See Insight On The Scriptures, Volume 1, page 226 paragraph 3.

So we can see, the Watchtower Society does indeed believe the 2nd goat does picture Jesus Christ, along with the 1st goat too. Jesus pictures BOTH “goats” according to the Watchtower Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses. However we note something very interesting about this situation, namely, the "live goat",
after being cleansed of sin, is then used in a sacrificial sense itself to "atone for" the nation's sins -- that’s AFTER its initial cleansing before God. Now, what do you think of that fact???


Also, according to scripture, all of the nation’s "sins" and "revolts" are next, confessed and "put upon" the head of the scapegoat or E-scapegoat, or "live goat" which is then, to be used in a sacrificial sense for NATIONAL SIN, as a “living” sacrifice. Which means, the 2nd “goat” is now, sent off into the wilderness for sacrificial purposes for the entire nation of Israel. But, first we remember, he must be cleansed from sin, yes, by means of the "1st goat," the one that was killed. Then the "live goat" can be viewed by God as a clean sacrifice and is now able to "carry off" the errors and transgressions of the entire nation, to the wilderness for God. -- Lev. 16: 21, 22


Think About It!



We can again, see this same drama visualized within the 14th chapter of Leviticus when we discuss the 2 birds used in the atonement procedure for the "leper" or leprosy. Two different "birds" are used in the procedure. The "1st bird" was killed and its blood spilled over running water. Next, the "2nd bird" the "live bird" was "dipped into the blood" of the first bird. So again, in this procedure, live the procedure of the "Day of Atonement," the "2nd bird" in this instance is cleansed, made holy and atoned for, by means of the first bird who was just sacrificed. (Lev. 14:4-7) And after this "dipping" procedure was carried out, the "2nd bird" was "sent away" to "open field" or to the wilderness. This was the scenario that was used in the procedure to follow, when a leper was cured from his disease and was now ready to be presented back to the congregation, whole and cleansed. The procedure was as follows:

Text Box: Are All Jehovah’s Witnesses & Other Religions “Confused” [as in the “Tower of Babel” kind] About the “Scapegoat”???
-- Genesis 11:7 NWT

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