Jehovah's Witnesses In Bible Prophecy

(Revelation 12:1-5)    1 And a great sign was seen in heaven, a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon was beneath her feet, and on her head was a crown of twelve stars,


2 and she was pregnant. And she cries out in her pains and in her agony to give birth.


3 And another sign was seen in heaven, and, look! a great fiery-colored dragon, with seven heads and ten horns and upon its heads seven diadems;


4 and its tail drags a third of the stars of heaven, and it hurled them down to the earth. And the dragon kept standing before the woman who was about to give birth, that, when she did give birth, it might devour her child.


5 And she gave birth to a son, a male, who is to shepherd all the nations with an iron rod. And her child was caught away to God and to his throne.

Verse-by-Verse Commentary from the YORWW Congregation:

Verse 1 of chapter 12 of the book of Revelation shown above speaks of a “great sign” being seen in “heaven.” In this instance, the “heaven” spoken of would picture the YORWW Congregation Arrangement, who are the only people on earth that correctly understand the events, as they occur within the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses on earth. 

In the mysterious vision, the “12-star Crown” that is upon the “woman’s” head shows her to represent the “12 tribes” of Israel on earth, even as the “12 stars” in Joseph's dream pictured the same. (Genesis 37:9) The “crown” on the “woman” head also shows the “regal” status enjoyed by the “woman” who enjoys a heaven-high standing with God as 
God's Chosen “Name People.” (Acts 15:14) She specifically pictures, in bible prophecy, the “one third” repentant members of the nation that survive the “Great Tribulation” of wrath from God upon His Name People. -- Zechariah 13:8, 9; Revelation 7:9, 10, 14-17. 

Next, we notice the “woman” is seen as arrayed with the “sun” at the head and the “moon” at her feet. In this case, the “sun” and “moon” picture the Governing Body and Watchtower Society entities respectively, as they provide “light” or enlightenment for this “crowned” woman, a “luminary” for the day, and a “luminary” for the night. (Genesis 1:16, 17) This way, she appeared to be in constant “light,” or enlightenment, as we would expect from a Temple-Arrangement from Jehovah God. 

However to the contrary, God's prophetic word shows in the end, her “sun” will not give its expected light, and her “moon” will fail her and not give her much needed “light” either. No, they will not, since they will prove to be false “luminaries” who give false light, not true light from Jehovah. Therefore, she will one day have to learn to lean on Jehovah, for true light. Yes, Jehovah must one day, become her true light. Amen! -- See 
Isaiah 60:19, 20

Verse 2 shows the “woman” to be “pregnant” and she cries out in her “pains” and “agony” to give birth to someone, called the “Male Child.” For the first time, we now are beginning to see the formation of two (2) distinctively different groups, with two (2) very different perspectives on things, namely (a) the "Male Child" [aka the “Tents of Judah”] who are the first to leave the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, in total disgust, because of all of the spiritual atrocities going on. (Isaiah 66:2-6; Zechariah 12:7) As well as (b) the already disgruntled group that surprisingly decides to stay but wants to "reform" or change these things, the ones the bible calls the "Two Witnesses." All of the above "inside" activities of the Jehovah's Witnesses, will result in total"UPROAR" within the kingdom halls worldwide, as prophecy indicates. -- Compare Revelation 12:5 with Revelation 12:17; Isaiah 66:6. 


With those dramatic thoughts in mind, we begin to see Jehovah God has actually caused these “pains” and “agony” for the woman, in order to cause the birth to the "Woman's" first offspring, the “Male Child” of verse 5. (See commentary for Verse 5 for more details on the "Male Child.") These “pains” and “agony” associated with this “birth” spell doom and unprecedented "troublesome seasons" and times ahead for the Watchtower Society and all now "APOSTATE" Jehovah's Witnesses world wide. (2 Timothy 4:2; Isaiah 10:6) This is especially true because of the advent or coming of the second much larger group now beginning to be formed, the many reformed-minded Jehovah's Witnesses who wish to stay in the organization, but now OPENLY want to take a stand against the leadership (particularly the Governing Body) of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the kingdom halls around the world. To be sure, this special group of “reform”-minded ones among Jehovah’s Witnesses are shown in bible prophecy to become the foretold “Two Witnesses” of Revelation 11:3-7. And of course, this happening will be a first for the rank & file Jehovah’s Witnesses [the "Woman"] to actually see, yes an actual “reform” movement going on right within their midst. Jehovah's Witnesses, no, have never seen such before. 


PLEASE NOTE: Again, these "Two Witnesses" as Reformers dressed in "sackcloth" as it were, are also known in prophecy as being the "remaining ones of her seed," and are to be clearly differentiated from the "Male Child," the ones who quickly leave the organization in disgust, and are visibly "excluded" [thrown out] reproached & reviled for voluntarily leaving the organization on their own volition, as shown in Isaiah 66:5. -- See Revelation 12:5, 17. 

Of course, when this happens, no doubt all of this will seem to be very strange, a great mystery to the “woman” herself, since she will not fully understand the actual need for such reform “issues” that must be settled for the sake of righteousness. All of these reform “issues” will actually be recondite information to her. She does not understand such things, herself. And we can fully expect, in time, at the center of these reform “issues” will be the heinous, clandestine activity of the Governing Body becoming NGO Supporters of the United Nations Organization, in secret, for some 10 years. 


This particular hidden "sin" in itself, will in the long run, prove to be the greatest "ABHORRENT THING[or sin] committed by the Governing Body & Watchtower Society, according to bible prophecy as noted at Zechariah 13:1. This “Sin” is a covenant-breaker!  No doubt, in time it will prove to be, the greatest, singular "transgression" ever committed by these leaders of God's Name People, which inevitably will become what the bible terms, the "transgression that causes desolation." And from that, we mean the complete "desolation" of apostate "Jerusalem" itself, or the "desolation" of the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization world wide. Indeed, by committing this singular act secretly, the Governing Body and the Watchtower Society itself, has in effect said to Jehovah God, "...we have no king but Caesar." Think about it! -- See Daniel 8:11, 12; Daniel 9:24, 27; Daniel 11:31; Daniel 12:11; Luke 21:20; Revelation 11:2; Revelation 13:5, 10; John 19:15; Leviticus 4:3-21.  

Verse 3 shows the wicked “dragon” to be “fiery-colored.” He is shown to be “fiery-colored” because he has become the instigator of a “Great War,” as spoken in the book of Daniel as being the foretold conflict of the King of the North against the “King of the South.” (Daniel 10:1; 11th chapter NIV) In this instance, the “fiery-colored” dragon reminds us of the “2nd Seal” spoken of in Revelation 6th chapter. Clearly, in this instance the “fiery-colored” (Red colored) Horse and its rider picture warfare, GLOBAL WARFARE, WORLD WAR III even, showing all during the time the Jehovah’s witnesses organization is going through these major upheavals of change and difficulty, there will be Great War being engaged in by the world in general. Please keep in mind, one of the main reasons Satan is starting this war is to keep the world’s attention away from these important events happening at the kingdom halls around the world. Of course, this means the activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses are very, very important to Satan. Think about it. 

Verse 4 shows us, the “tail” of the “dragon” being used to “drag” and “throw down” heavenly “stars” that decorate the woman’s presence. This “tail” pictures the main point of strength of Satan, just as a literal dragon-like creature uses their “tail” as a weapon to sling their prey around or dash them to pieces in a death blow hit. In this instance, the “tail” like instrument pictures the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, that Satan fully controls, as the “man of lawlessness.” -- 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 

This particular instrument under Satan’s control, namely the Governing Body will “throw down” ONE THIRD OF THE “STARS” who picture approximately ONE THIRD (1/3) of the world-wide elder body of Jehovah’s Witnesses today. No doubt, these repentant or contrite [“repentance” pictured by the wearing of “sackcloth” as the “Two Witnesses”] reform “stars” or elders will be swiftly disciplined by the Governing Body because of the ideas of change or “reform” entertained by these “elders” who are quite dissatisfied by the recent decisions being made by the Governing Body themselves. (Revelation 11:3) These “stars” or “elders” (aka "Sheiks of Judah") of the “reform” movement simply can’t see themselves supporting the Governing Body and their decisions of recent, for the direction of the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. They are SECRETLY in dissent against the Governing Body.


This will be especially true since many of the “Sheiks of Judah” [leading elders] will become aware of other “elders” in charge of the congregations around the globe being adversely effected by unforeseen lawsuits coming up against the Watchtower Society for unscriptural procedures, practices & policies, particularly having to do with “child abuse” [pedophile] cases, happening right within their midst. Amazing!

Yes, Bible Prophecy clearly shows at Ezekiel 36:3, 12-14, law cases will arise against the Watchtower Society & “elders” where it will be revealed definitively, defenseless “children” within the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses have become the target of many instances of such abuse, resulting in these cases going to court in many parts of the world. The Prophecy says:

3 Therefore prophesy, and you must say, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “For the reason, even for the reason that there has been a lying desolate and a snapping at YOU from all sides, in order for YOU to become a possession to the remaining ones of the nations and YOU continue being talked about with the tongue and there is a BAD REPORT among people,”


12 And upon YOU I will cause humankind to walk, even my people Israel, and they must take possession of YOU, and YOU must become a hereditary possession to them, and YOU will not bereave them again of ANY MORE CHILDREN.’” 13 “This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, ‘For the reason that there are those saying to YOU: “A devourer of humankind is what you yourself are, and [a land] BEREAVING YOUR NATIONS OF CHILDREN is what you have become,”’ 14 ‘therefore humankind you will no more devour, and your nations you will NO MORE BEREAVE OF CHILDREN,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.” — Ezekiel 36:3, 12-14 NWT


Yes, at such a trying time as this, devoted, long time “elders” of the congregations will receive “severe scratches” even, as Zechariah 12:2, 3 says, yes “severe scratches” upon themselves for upholding “illegal policies” from “reeling,” drunken, stumbling, spiritually wavering “Jerusalem” [Watchtower Society] in these law cases, revealing the heinous wickedness of this clandestine situation.

Indeed, in these courtroom proceedings, these loyal “elders” will be shown to be, negligent as to their duties in shepherding and protecting the flock, thus making themselves partially responsible (along with the Watchtower Society) for such harmful actions, such wicked deeds, being committed right within the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, in secret. This will be revealed in court! Indeed, it will become exactly as Zechariah 12:2, 3 says of this devastating future situation:

“Here I am making Jerusalem a bowl [causing] reeling to all the peoples round about; and also against Judah he will come to be in the siege, [even] against Jerusalem. 3 And it must occur in that day [that] I shall make Jerusalem a burdensome stone to all the peoples. All those lifting it will without fail get severe scratches [lawsuits] for themselves; and against her all the nations of the earth will certainly be gathered.” — Zechariah 12:2, 3 NWT


Again, as shown in bible prophecy at Isaiah 33:18 specifically, the Watchtower Society and all Jehovah's Witnesses will lose costly lawsuits relative to their hidden "pedophile" epidemic running rampant among themselves. This was largely due to employing the Governing Body's twisted thinking and practice in NOT reporting wicked pedophiles in their midst to local authorities, in turn thus effectively breaking "Caesar's Law" and harming countless innocent children. (Matthew 22:20, 21) Thus, this particular prophecy pointedly tells us, the Watchtower Society itself WILL BE AUDITED [to determine their "net worth"] by governmental authorities of this world, forcing the Watchtower Society to have to "fork over" or sell off much real estate and properties owned by themselves, to pay off especially high "punitive damages" and debts owed from losing many costly lawsuits [or "severe scratches"] brought against them by injured parties, injured "children," who were abused by wicked "policies" and practices employed by the Watchtower Society. (Needless to say, the all unwitting Jehovah's Witnesses will be asked to "pick up the tab" or contribute more, and more money, to cover these dubious expenses under the guise of "kingdom expansion.")


Therefore, Jehovah God Righteously allows the "nations," to take vengeance upon this vile brood, and further allows the "nations" to 'come up upon them' as it were, and take "possession of their inheritance" ... yes, all by Almighty God's Permission! Thus, in this unique way, Jehovah exacts retribution against His sworn "enemies," the Watchtower Society itself with its Governing Body, for globally defaming His Great and Holy Name. Think about it. -- Please carefully consider the following prophetic texts: Isaiah 33:18; Ezekiel 36:2; Ezekiel 36:12-15; Zechariah 12:2, 3; Zechariah 14:1; Isaiah 66:6; Jeremiah 7:8-15; Malachi 1:11; Malachi 1:14; Luke 21:22; Romans 2:23, 24; Revelation 15:4.  


Oh, yes, things are about to really change for all Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, especially as these unsavory things become big news among the nations, and they begin to talk about them! This is called the BAD REPORT” in prophecy, in Ezekiel 36:3. (NWT) Yes, in the light of these happenings, the “Sheiks of Judah,” are at once greatly surprised, utterly shocked, even emboldened because they see now actual “grass roots,” rank & file brothers and sisters, now openly organizing against the Governing Body! This bold action, amazingly STRENGTHENS the “Sheiks of Judah,” as bible prophecy indicates. Yes, many of these “Sheiks of Judah,” will prove to be traveling overseers (and their wives) within the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization itself! Yes, the “Sheiks of Judah,” can see this and are greatly strengthened, just as bible prophecy indicates. -- See Zechariah 12:5, 6 for details of this prophecy.

Thus, because of this “throwing down,” or “hurling down” retaliatory action of the Governing Body (inspired by Satan) upon these reform-minded leading men of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization, biblically called the “Sheiks of Judah,” namely reformed-minded “Traveling Overseers,” along with reform-minded Congregation “elders” shall now picture the foretold “stars” of the heavens who are “dragged” and “hurled down” by the “tail” of the dragon, in this bible prophecy. -- Please compare Zechariah 12:5 with Revelation 12:4.

Also in this prophecy, we notice the key efforts of the “inhabitants of Jerusalem” (Zech. 12:5), those who form the “grass roots,” rank & file individuals, whose unexpected brave efforts of publicly opposing the Governing Body at this time, greatly strengthens the reform movement and “Sheiks of Judah,” among Jehovah’s Witnesses. Indeed, the prophecy says:

5 And the sheiks of Judah will have to say in their heart, ‘The inhabitants of Jerusalem are a strength to me by Jehovah of armies their God.’

6 In that day I shall make the sheiks of Judah like a firepot among trees and like a fiery torch in a row of newly cut grain, and they must devour on the right [hand] and on the left all the peoples round about; and Jerusalem must yet be inhabited in her [own] place, in Jerusalem.” (Zechariah 12:5-6 New World Translation)

Therefore, the bible prophecy of Zechariah 12:5, 6 does show us the coming “Sheiks of Judah” will lead an epic reform movement among Jehovah’s Witnesses, a movement that will ultimately lead to these ones losing their positions of oversight within the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, worldwide. These ones are the ones spoken of in Revelation 12:4 as being, “hurled down” by the “tail” of the wicked Dragon, Satan the Devil, as he uses the wicked Governing Body to do his bidding.

To be sure, this particular “sign” as seen in “heaven” will be fully anticipated and expected by those who are part of the YORWW “Intimate Group” Prophetic Association. Think about it! – See Zechariah 12:5, 6; Jeremiah 23:18, 22; Revelation 12:1, 3. 

Verse 5 shows the “Male Child” is born. These are shown to one day, “shepherd the nations with an iron rod” as official representatives of God’s Government and Kingdom on earth. (Matthew 6:10; Revelation 5:9, 10 KJV) These are the first to leave the Watchtower Society, the first to fully recognize that “reform” efforts are futile in God’s Eyes for the Jehovah’s Witnesses as an organization. In Bible prophecy, these ones are also called, the “Tents of Judah,” since they are “saved first” by God Himself. -- See Zechariah 12:7

The YORWW Congregation teaches to be “caught up” to “heaven” means to exist in a particularly ELEVATED, ENLIGHTENED BLESSED STATE OF MIND [ADVANCED MENTAL VIEWPOINT], far away from Satan’s influence. (Ephesians 2:2; Revelation 12:9)  The New World Translation states the “Male Child” is “caught away” to “God” and to “His Throne,” which we know exists in “Heaven,” and additionally is why we say the “Male Child” is “caught up” to “Heaven,” specifically-speaking. However, we see this situation as a special spiritual condition existing upon earth, for these privileged ones … a special state of mind.

For example, the Greek word harpazo literally means to “catch” or “snatch up” in Revelation 12:5 and is translated as “caught up” in many bible translations. (ESV, KJV) This word accurately describes the action God takes in imparting Divine Truth to His servants. (Daniel 2:44, 45; 2 Cor. 12:2, 4) Again, the “Heavens” we refer to of course, is literally an elevated earthly one, the one called in Revelation 12:5 & 12 a spiritual “heaven,” or great height in spiritual growth for each individual willing to “take-the-next-step” in gaining a correct understanding of Holy Scripture. -- Please compare Isaiah 55:9 to Luke 10:18.

Think about it!

Yes the “Male Child” fully realizes, the Watchtower Society and itsGoverning Body are now completely passed any point of repentance before God. The “Male Child” group can clearly see this now, which means there are only two (2) choices left for the “Male Child” in this instance. Either they accept total oblivion in the spiritual uncertainties of our future, as well as facing a “closed door” of opportunity in gaining access into God’s Newly Formed Earthly Kingdom arrangement known as the YORWW, (Daniel 2:44, 45; Luke 13:24-30) or they must prove themselves willing to ‘wash their robes in the blood of the lamb,’ and humbly accept God’s New Scapegoat Covenant Arrangement [or “Heaven”], leaving behind the “apostate nation” of Jehovah’s Witnesses forever. (Isaiah 10:6; Revelation 12:11, 12) They are now willing to join the YORWW Arrangement, as God’s newly revealed, Beacon of Light for all who wish to please Jehovah. They are now willing to join the YORWW Arrangement, because they recognize it, as the Earthly Kingdom of God. -- Matthew 6:10; Daniel 2:44, 45 

We recall Isaiah 11:10 states:


"And it must occur in that day that there will be the root of Jesse [Modern Day "Servant" or "Chieftain"] that will be standing up as a signal for the peoples. To him even the nations will TURN INQUIRINGLY, and his resting-place must become glorious."


Indeed, our future growth we believe, is actually predicted within the pages of the Holy Scriptures bible prophecy. Therefore we believe the above stated prophecy of Isaiah 11:10 is something that you will be able to see, with your own eyes...yes, the fulfillment of the prophecy where people from all over the world, will “inquire” of him, that is God’s “Servant” who will accordingly become a “light to the nations,” those who will ask some of the same questions that you may be thinking of yourself right now. -- See Isaiah 33:17; Isaiah 49:6.


In fact, Ezekiel 17:22-24 shows the future growth of the YORWW to be this way:


"This what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: I myself will also take and put some of the lofty treetop of the cedar [JW Organizational "Tree"] from the top of the twigs I shall pluck off a tender one [MDS; Chieftain] and I will myself transplant it upon a high and lofty mountain.


23 On the mountain of the height of Israel I shall transplant it, and it will certainly bear boughs and produce fruit and become a majestic cedar [to replace current JW Organizational Tree]. And under it there will actually reside all the birds of every wing; in the shadow of its foliage they will reside.


24 And all the trees of the field [other religious institutions of this world] will have to know that I myself, Jehovah, have abased the high tree [Watchtower Society], have put on high the low tree [Y.O.R.W.W. Congregation] have dried up the still-moist tree [Watchtower Society] and made the dry tree [Y.O.R.W.W. Congregation] blossom. I myself, Jehovah, have spoken and have done it." -- Ezekiel 17:22-24 New World Translation


We have complete confidence in God's Word, that such will become a reality in the very near future. Oh yes, we know today, we are still a "low, dry tree," and we continue to exist in that state. But very soon, all of that will change, and all to the praise of Jehovah God Himself. Yes, Jehovah will "exalt" his "low, dry tree", and appropriately "dry up" that wicked "still-moist tree," while they are in their prime even, so bible prophecy indicates.


And we believe it!


Even today, to be sure, we view ourselves as a spiritual "priesthood" that carries out Jehovah God's most important spiritual "work." However, as you know, when the above prophecy becomes a reality, why yes, a very massive "priesthood" [over 200 million eventually] will have to be set up, to handle such a load of questions, from the world at large. (Isaiah 11:10) This is why we stress that the foretold "Male Child" is to be born first, to assist us in this great global work of teaching and preaching the "Divine Truth" to all mankind, as MT. ZION, where "law goes forth." -- Isaiah 2:2-4


Yes, when the people realize that Almighty God has set up a spiritual "kingdom," just for that very purpose...right here on the earth, to answer these very questions that they have, people of all walks of life from around the world even, will flock to such a place, "stream to the mountain of Jehovah," as it were, to these qualified spiritual advisors or "priests" where finally Jehovah's True "Law goes forth" … from Zion, God's Name People, just as it should. (Micah 4:1-4) So, when the people of this world see this or realize this, they will voluntarily "stream" yes, flock by the millions to such a "spiritual" Paradise, such a spiritual "Mountain of Decoration" [and not a lowly "land of decoration" as Watchtower Society is today], the place where God's Law goes forth, unperverted, uncorrupted, as pure, clean waters from God's Own Mouth. -- Micah 5:4; Daniel 2:44, 45; Daniel 11:40, 45


Therefore, this government will be set up, right at the time of the birth of the "Male Child," which we see is imminently before us now, as we speak. Quite exciting, is it not, when we think of such things right before us, shortly to happen! -- Revelation 12:5, 10


But, remember, after the birth of the "Male Child", Satan will be very angry (because he couldn't swallow up the child when born from the "woman") and the bible says,


"...woe to the earth and the sea...because the Devil has come down to you with great anger, knowing his time is short."

-- Revelation 12:12


Therefore right after that birth, there will be the greatest war, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes, the world has ever, ever seen. In other words, Satan will be livid, filled with anger...wishing to cause great, great destruction. It will be a time of such turmoil, that we must expect it! But it will be the undeniable proof, yes real proof, that the whole world of over 7 billion people, and all of its pressing issues actually, PIVOTS and DEPENDS UPON what is happening or going on with God's Name People...Jehovah's Witnesses. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses, those pitiful 7 million that the world totally ignores as being nothing...yes everything actually depends on how Jehovah God will deal with them, with Satan reacting to God's magnificent act, called the "Glory of Jehovah," to save the "Male Child" as certain "first-fruits" to Him, from the filthy Watchtower Society Organization. -- See Isaiah 66:2, 3, 18, 19.


So, then when the "Male Child" is born, then as might be expected, Satan in anger goes on a rampage against the entire inhabited earth, starting World War which will surely wreck havoc upon mankind with much famine, disease and death all about. (See Daniel 10:1; Revelation 6:4-8.) And, bible prophecy has predicted this. Thus, we must expect it. But remember, even though there will be much sadness and sorrow in the world with so many people dying, still, this will finally prove something, we've been trying to say for many, many years, yes namely that Jehovah's Witnesses are really, God's Name People, who are destined to "rule the world," and establish God's Kingdom upon earth, as it is in heaven, as Jesus said. (Matthew 6:10) Jehovah's Witnesses, certain repentant ones, certain "contrite" ones, yes the brave ones, will one day come forward and form this government upon earth for God! Yes, the ones we call the "Male Child." Praise Jah! -- Isaiah 66:5, 6; Revelation 12:5; Daniel 2:44, 45; Matthew 6:10; Revelation 5:9, 10




Written By

Donald C. Burney


A Glimpse Into The Future --Zechariah 12:2-7,Revelation 12:1-5 &

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